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Essential Moisturizer

Herbz And Tingz

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Our Essential Moisturizer face oil quickly absorbs into your skin and keeps it moisturized, while killing bacteria and providing an aromatherapy experience. For best results, apply after using our Essential Cleanser and Essential Toner.

*30ml/ 1oz size lasts 3+ months when used as directed. 

**15ml/ .5oz size last 1.5+ months when used as directed.

Jojoba Carrier Oil
Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavandin Essential Oil
Pure Therapeutic Grade Frankincense Essential Oil
Pure Therapeutic Grade Cedarwood Essential Oil
Pure Therapeutic Grade Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Pure Therapeutic Grade Clove Essential Oil
Pure Therapeutic Grade Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Apply 3-5 drops to clean hands,
Rub hands together,
Apply to face, neck, and chest.